Roof Coatings

Roof coatings can extend the lifetime of your roofs by offering additional protection against seasonal changes and deteriorating environmental elements like UV rays, snow, rain, and strong winds. In addition, it can also help improve the energy efficiency of your building in Pittsburgh by reducing unnecessary heat transfer and absorption.

The benefits of applying the right type of coating can offset many requirements that come with roof care. Not only does it increases its lifespan, but also reduces instances of repair and re-roofing. Roofs take up a huge chunk of your investment, and ensuring its health can bring you significant cost savings in the long run.

As mentioned, there are different types of roof coatings for Pittsburgh mobile home and building owners. Not all are created equal; each has its own best application so you can maximize its benefits. Therefore, it’s crucial that you work with professional roof coating specialists like Steel City Roofing Solutions to choose the right system.

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Types of Roof Coatings

Selecting the right type of roof coating is part of the expertise of a roof coating contractor. Our contractors are thoroughly knowledgeable about the provisions of the local Pittsburgh Building Code, and have experience with various types of roofing materials.

We can’t stress how important it is that you work with a company in Pittsburgh who has both the skills and experience so you can maximize your investment.

Listed below, there are 4 main types of coatings to choose from for commercial roof coatings.

  • Acrylic Roof Coatings

    Acrylic roof coating is a water-based mixture that is flexible and can used on various types of roofs. They are popular because of this, as well as because it is not as costly as other types yet it does the job.

    • High UV and radiation resistance
    • Outstanding reflectivity (reduces heat transfer)
    • Flexible to withstand the contraction or expansion of the material it is applied on
    • Can be colored for aesthetic purposes
    • Temperature and humidity sensitive during application
    • Easily weathered and needs reapplication from time to time
  • Silicone Roof Coatings

    Silicone roof coating is made of 100% silicone, which provides elasticity and adhesion to surfaces. They are the best choice for areas that receive more rain and experience high humidity.

    • High UV and radiation resistance
    • Moisture, oxidation, and weathering resistant
    • Flexible
    • Easily accumulates dirt and dust on its surface, which may cause it to lose some of its reflective properties
    • Expensive
  • Polyurethane Roof Coatings

    Polyurethane roof coatings were initially developed to serve only commercial buildings. But now, they can be applied to other types of roofs to provide the same benefits. They come in two sub-types, aromatic and aliphatic.

    • High impact and foot traffic resistance
    • Can withstand abrasion and hail
    • Needs you to use a combination of both sub-types so it works best
  • Asphalt Roof Coating

    As the name suggests, this coating is best used over asphalt substrates. The asphaltic rubber-type combines the elasticity of rubber and waterproofing property of asphalt.

    • Already comes with waterproofing capability
    • Can stay effective in cold weather
    • Often requires re-application

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