Cool Roofs

Cool people will impress you with their confidence and individuality, but cool roofs can improve your Pittsburgh home’s comfort level, increase its energy efficiency, and bring you continuous energy cost savings. Cool roofing solutions are becoming popular in Pittsburgh because they offer various options to choose from so there’ll be something that fits your budget or complements your existing roofing.

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How Cool Roofs Work

Cool roofs are designed to resist thermal transfer from the roof’s surface to the inside of your Pittsburgh home. It does so by absorbing less solar energy compared to traditional roofing materials.

Cool roofing systems can be used in both residential and commercial roofs in Pittsburgh. Depending on different factors like the climate, your HVAC system health, your home or building’s insulation, etc., your savings and benefits from cool roofing may vary. It is important to discuss with a cool roofing contractor your specific requirements and have your property assessed first to see if it is worth the investment.

What Are The Benefits of Cool Roofing?

Pittsburgh property owners can reap many benefits from installing cool roofs. You also do not have to worry about sacrificing your home’s aesthetics since options include different materials that may even enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Aside from the variety of options, here are more benefits of installing cool roofing:

  • Lower energy bills

    What is more appealing than bill savings? Because your Pittsburgh home or building absorbs less heat inside with cool roofing installed, you do not need to frequently use the AC or crank it up too much.

  • Improved HVAC system performance

    A cool roof system can help undersized ACs or old units functioning less efficiently to still work by reducing the heat that your Pittsburgh home absorbs through the roof.

  • Downsized HVAC system requirements

    Having a cool roof already in place in your newly-constructed Pittsburgh home or building may mean you do not need to buy a more powerful AC to compensate for those extra-hot days. It is also best to time your switch to cool roofs during roofing renovation so you can maximize your existing one first.

  • Increased comfort

    In some instances, cool roofing may even turn the tide in an uncomfortable space even without air conditioning in place.

  • Reduced energy consumption

    With downsized HVAC system requirements and improved comfort level inside your Pittsburgh home or building, you now consume less energy or more efficiently with a cool roof. And this translates to many more benefits:

    • Green home/building.  Going “green” means adopting environmentally-friendly solutions that improve energy efficiency without sacrificing the comfort and safety of the dwellers.
    • Reduce carbon footprint. With reduced energy consumption, your carbon footprint also decreases.
    • Offsets global warming. Cool roofing reflects more sunlight into the atmosphere compared to absorbing it, thus, countering global warming.
    • Qualifies you to energy-related rebates from the government.

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