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Welcome to Steel City Roofing Solutions. We take pleasure in providing the best commercial roofing solutions in Pittsburgh. Our business is providing premium alternatives to guarantee that your roofing system is long-lasting and sustainable. No matter what type of commercial roofing system you have here in Pittsburgh, we have a solution to your problem.


Why Opt for Commercial Roofing Solutions?

Like any other part of your commercial property, your roof is one of the most important components that need regular maintenance and checks. Temporary measures may fix your roof for the time being but they will not serve well in the long run.

More importantly, when repair work and roof maintenance are not done correctly, the structural integrity of your roof will be jeopardized. It is always better to opt for professional commercial roofing solutions in Pittsburgh for long-term benefits.

Why Choose Steel City Roofing Solutions?

Regardless of the size of your roof or the type of roofing system that you currently have, we believe in emphasizing long-term safety and maintenance. Rather than offering solutions for minor repair work, we offer holistic and custom solutions that will be best for your commercial roofing system.

Keep in mind that it is always better to seek out good professional roofing repair solutions for commercial roofs rather than replace the entire roof. Opting for commercial roofing system repairs for fairly new roofs will lengthen the life of your roof.

Even though both residential and commercial roofing systems serve the same purpose- that is protecting your building infrastructure; however, they differ in terms of materials. Residential roofing systems are generally made of concrete tiles or asphalt shingles, whereas commercial roofing systems may be made of single-ply (EPDM, PVC, and TPO), modified bitumen, tar and gravel, etc.

Our Services

At Steel City Roofing Solutions, we offer the following services.

Roof restoration

When a roof is damaged by natural causes like weathering, mold, corrosion, moisture and other elements, a roof restoration is one of the best options. Roof restoration has several benefits like increasing the roof’s longevity, protection against invasive pests, increase in aesthetic appeal, and a boost in the value of your property.

Roof Coatings

The main purpose of a roof coating is to extend the life of a roof and to offer protection against harsh weather conditions like UV rays, rain, snow, etc. Roof coatings can be of different types including acrylic, silicone, asphalt emulsion, butyl rubber, and polyurethane. Roof coatings are a great commercial roofing solution and have several benefits like reducing energy costs, extending the life of your roof and improving sustainability.

SPF Roofing

SPF or Spray Polyurethane Foam roofing is great for protection, improving your commercial space’s comfort level, and increasing energy savings. Professional roofers make SPF roof coatings by mixing isocyanate and polyol resins.

Cool Roofs

As the term suggests, cool roofs help to improve a building’s comfort level by resisting the thermal transfer of heat. Cool roofs help to reduce energy bills, improve your HVAC system’s performance, and increase overall comfort.

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